Ostr. Berlin P. 12927   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title Copy of an account of money payment
Summary Account on payments of money and its surplus.


1ẖ.t pꜣ ı͗p
2=n r-ḏr.t Ḥtr sttr 4.t
3wṱ ꜥn r-ḏr.t ḥḏ=f sttr 1.t ḏbꜥ.t 12
4wṱ ꜥn
5wṱ ꜥn r-ḏr.t ḥḏ=f ꜥn ḏbꜥ.t 10
6r sttr 6 ḏbꜥ.t 22 r dny.t


1Copy of the bill of ..?..
2our ..?.., from Hatres: 4 stater.
3Surplus/Cashpay again from his money: 1 stater, 12 obols.
4Surplus/Cashpay again ..?..
5Surplus/Cashpay again from his money: again 10 obols.
6Yields 6 stater, 22 obols, regarding the share ..?..
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