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Publication No. BGU VI 1376
Modern Title receipt for the value of royal linnen
Summary Harpaesis, son of Chestephnachthis, is confirmed by Herakleides on behalf of the bank of Thebes of having paid 2000 Drachmen for the value of royal linnen. Demotic subscription.


ἔτους λα Φαρμοῦθι β

τέτακται ἐπὶ τὴν
2ἐν Δ̣ι̣ὸ̣ς̣ πόλει τῆι μεγάληι τράπεζαν ἐφʼ ἧς Ἡρακλείδης
3ἀπὸ τιμῆς ὀθονίων βασιλικῶν τοῦ λα ∟
4Ἁρπαῆσις Χεστεφνάχθιος
5δισχιλίας / Β.
6Ἡρακλείδης τραπεζίτης
7ḥsb.t 31 ı͗bd 4 pr.t sw 2.t qd 100


131st regnal year, 2nd of Pharmouti: Thus has paid into
2the bank of Thebes, for which is responsible Herakleides,
3for the value of the royal linen of the 31st regnal year
4Harpaesis, son of Chestephnachtis,
5two thousand (drachmas). Yields in numerals: 2000.
6Trapezit Herakleides.
731st regnal year, 2nd of Pharmuti. 100 kite.
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