Pap. Berlin P. 13586   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title Letter of consignment concerning delivery of jewelry
Summary Letter of consignment of Teos, son of Nepherpres, concerning a delivery of jewelry in sacs, with specification of their provenance and estimated value.


1ꜥꜣ.w ı͗w=w r ꜥw r ḏnf=w
2(n-)ḏr.t.ṱ Ḥr sꜣ Pa-sny r.ḏı͗ n=f
3Ḥr-nfr sꜣ H̱nm-nb-nꜣy=y-sꜥnḫ
4ꜣsw 1.t r ḏnf 3
5(n-)ḏr.t.ṱ Ḥr-nfr sꜣ H̱nm-(nb-)nꜣy=y-sꜥnḫ
6ꜣsw 2.t r ḏnf 5 qd.t 7 wp-s.t
7wꜥ.t r ḏnf qd.t 7
8r.ı͗n=w r ḥ.t-nṯr n N.t wꜥ.t r
9ḏnf 5
10dmḏ st ḏbꜥ (n-)ḏr.t.ṱ=y ḏr=w
11my ṯꜣy=w s r ḥ.t-nb
12pšn=ṯn wbꜣ
13nꜣ rmṯ.w nty ı͗r wp.t
14pꜣ ḫsbḏ n mꜣꜥ ḏı͗=y
15šm=w r Mn-nfr (r-)dbꜣ=f
16sẖ Ḏd-ḥr sꜣ Nꜣ-nfr-ı͗b-Rꜥ
17n ḥsb.t 6 ı͗bd 3 pr.t sw 21


1Gemstones(?) which will be huge (i.e measured?) by their estimate.
2From Horos, son of Pasenis: That which has given to him
3Harnouphis, son of Chnoum-neb-nai-seanch:
41st sac: By estimate 3 (deben).
5From Harnouphis, son of Chnoum-(neb)-nai-seanch:
62nd sac: By estimate 5 (deben), 7 kite. Specification:
7One (sac), by estimate 7 kite.
8That what was delivered into the temple of Thebes: One (sac), by
9estimate 5 (deben)
10in total. They were sealed all by my (own) hand.
11They may be brought into the house of gold!
12Take care of
13the people working (with the gemstones)!
14Because of the genuine lapis lazuli I caused
15them to be sent to Memphis.
16Written by Teos, son of Nepherpres,
17in the 6th regnal year, 21st of Phamenoth.