Pap. Berlin P. 15630   (More information about the Object)
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Modern Title letter with a response and a report on trouble(?) regarding food
Summary Letter of Espneti-hetnetjer, son of Espmetis, to Snebonychos, containing a response on earlier letters. Report on trouble(?) regarding fowl, beer and wine.


1ḫrw Ns-pꜣ-nty-ḥ.t-nṯr sꜣ Ns-pꜣ-mtr
2˹sḏm˺=n nꜣ md.w(t) r.hb=w n=n n.ı͗m=w


1Voice of Espneti-hetnetjer, son of Espmetis [///]
2We have heared the things [concerning which] they have sent to us [///]
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