Pap. Berlin P. 23091   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title Fragment of Book of the Temple
Summary The content of this object is incomprehensible due to its fragmentary state. The wꜥb Sḫm.t “priest of Sakhmet”, jn jnı-rꜣ wꜥb “by the overseer of the wab-priest” and m ꜣbd=f “in his serving for the lunar month” are mentioned, so it is likely that it is a fragment of “The Book of the Temple” (According to: Burkard/ Fischer-Elfert, VOHD 19,4 (1994), 109).


x+1[///] bw.t(?) [///]
x+2[///] .? jmj-rꜣ .?. [///]
x+3[///] hyw [///]
x+4[///] wꜥb Sḫm.t [///]
x+5[///] jw rḏ.t .?. [///]
x+6[///].tw n=f .?. nb.w [///]
x+7[///] ḥw.t=f [///]
x+8[///] ḥrj-tp .?. [///]
x+9[///] m(?) sp-snw(?) .?. nb.w ḫf.t[.j.w(?)][///]
x+10[///] bḥnw(??) nb.w n s[///]
x+11[///] m ꜣbd=f n.?. [///]
x+12[///] ḫtm(?) n pr-ḥqꜣ[///]
x+13[///] .?. ꜥꜣ jw s.?.[///]
x+14[///] m(?) ḥw.t kꜣ.w [///]
x+15[///] jn jmj-rꜣ wꜥb.w [///]
x+16[///] (hrw?) m jbd 4(?) š[mw?][///]


x+1[///] disgust(?) [///]
x+2[///] one does [///] the overseer of .?. [///]
x+3[///] monster(?)/rejoicing(?) [///]
x+4[///] wab-priest of Sekhmet [///]
x+5[///] and/in order to cause .?. [///]
x+6[///] done for him all .?. [///]
x+7[///] his temple. [///] is dispelled [///]
x+8[///] on top of / for the duration of .?. [///]
x+9[///] two times(?). All .?. oppo[site of]/ene[mies](?)[///]
x+10[///] all socages(??) of [///]
x+11[///] in his serving for the lunar month .?. [///]
x+12[///] sealer(?) of the house of the ruler(?)[///]
x+13[///] great .?. and burning(?) [///]
x+14[///] in(?) the temple of the kau [///]
x+15[///] by the overseer of the wab-priest[s][///]
x+16[///] (day?) in month 4, She[mu-season?][///]