Pap. Berlin P. 15514   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title Agreement concerning the feeding of geese
Summary Agreement in the form of mutual oaths between a man with lost name and Samaus before Satet and Chnum: It focuses on feeding geese which were breded together. The first person states not having taken out surplus of emmer. If the second person moves away from Elephantine, he must resign his profit.


x+1 ı͗w=f ı͗r ꜥnḫ m-bꜣḥ Spd.t ꜥꜣ(.t) nb(.t) Yb
x+2 ḏd pꜣy bd 20 ½ pꜣy ḏı͗.w (n-)ḏr.t Ṯꜣy-n.ı͗m=w 1Cf. Den Brinker / Muhs / Vleeming, DBL (2005), 54.
x+3 bn-pw=f ḏı͗.t n=y bd ẖn=w m-sꜣ pꜣ nty-ı͗w=f r hn=f
x+4 mtw Ṯꜣy-n.ı͗m=w ḏı͗.t n=f rd n nꜣ bd.w
x+5 ⸢ı͗w=f (r) ı͗r ꜥnḫ /// ḏd nꜣ ı͗pd.w
x+6 ı͗.ı͗r ḫpr n pꜣ šy(?) H̱nm ẖn nꜣ sre.w
x+7 nty ı͗wṱ=y ı͗rm Ṯꜣy-n.ı͗m=w bn-pw=y ṯꜣy
x+8 ı͗pd n.ı͗m=w bn-pw=y ḏı͗.t ṯꜣy=w m-sꜣ pꜣ nty-ı͗w=f
x+9 r hn=f ı͗w=f (r) ı͗r ꜥnḫ ḏd nꜣ bd.w r.ḏı͗=w
x+10 r-ḏr.t.ṱ=y r nꜣ wnm sre n nꜣ sre.w Ṯꜣy-n.ı͗m=w
x+11 bn-pw=y ṯꜣy bd n.ı͗m=w bn-pw=y ḏı͗.t ṯꜣy=w
x+12 bnr n bd (n) ḫꜣꜥ.ṱ?=f (n?) nꜣ wnm sre ḥnꜥ nꜣ ı͗pd.w
x+13 n pꜣ ḥtp-nṯr m-sꜣ pꜣ nty-ı͗w=f r hn=f
x+14 mtw=f ı͗r pꜣ ꜥnḫ n ı͗bd 2 pr.t sw ꜥrqy
x+15 mtw Ṯꜣy-n.ı͗m=w ı͗r n=f ꜥnḫ ///
x+16 n H̱nm ı͗.ı͗r s:ꜥnḫ ḏd ı͗.ı͗r=y šm pꜣ-bnr
x+17 n Yb ı͗w mn-mtw=k hn n ḫbr
x+18 ı͗.ı͗r-n=y (...) n ḏı͗.t n=k nkt ı͗w=f (r) ḫpr n=y n-bnr mn
x+19 sg md(.t n) ꜥḏe n pꜣ ꜥnḫ

1 Cf. Den Brinker / Muhs / Vleeming, DBL (2005), 54.


x+1 He should take an oath before Satis, the Great, mistress of Elephantine:
x+2 ‘Those are the 20½ (artabas) emmer which were given into the hand of Samaus.
x+3 He has not given to me emmer therefrom except those to which he will agree.’
x+4 And Samaus shall take a vow(?) to him for the amounts of emmer.
x+5 He shall take an oath [[///]]: ‘The birds
x+6 which are in the stable(?) of Chnoum among the geese and
x+7 which are (split) between me and Samaus: I have not taken away any
x+8 bird from them. I have not caused (a bird) to be taken away except that to which he
x+9 will agree.’ He shall take an oath: ‘The amounts of emmer which were given
x+10 for the geese feeding of the geese of Samaus into my hand:
x+11 I have not taken away emmer therefrom. I have not caused to be taken away
x+12 emmer from the emmer, which was being intended(?) for the food of the geese and the fowl
x+13 of the divine offering, except of that emmer to which we will agree.
x+14 And he shall take the oath at the 30th of Mecheir.’
x+15 And Samaus shall take an oath for him [[///]]
x+16 of Chnoum-the-breadwinner: ‘If I leave
x+17 Elephantine without you having a partnership agreement
x+18 with me (...) to give a thing to you which occurred for me outside. There is no
x+19 fraud and falsehood within the oath.’