Pap. Berlin P. 15513   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title letter regarding a delivery and wood
Summary Letter concerning a delivery and wood in unmentioned context. Short notice of a accident of the sender during a voyage.


x+0 ı͗n=w n=y?
x+1 pꜣ(y) ṯk sḏm=y md n
x+2 (r-)dbꜣ
x+3 nw=y r.r =f
x+4 ı͗r=f ḏı͗ =y
x+5 ı͗n=w s ḏı͗=y (n)
x+6 yꜥb(y.t) ꜥꜣ.t
x+7 m-šs (n-)ḏr.t wꜥ
x+8 sḫe ḫpr=f
x+9 n.ı͗m=y ẖn
x+10 pꜣ hre pꜣ hrw (n)
x+11 ı͗y ı͗:ı͗r=y r-ẖry
x+12 pꜣ ḫt 1Cf. Den Brinker / Muhs / Vleeming, DBL (2005), 54.
x+13 r.hb=k n=y (r-)dbꜣ.ṱ
x+14=f ı͗w=y (r) ı͗r pꜣy
x+15=w rwš ꜥn
x+16 n-ḏr.t (n) ḥsb.t 5.t ı͗bd 4
x+17 ꜣḫ.t sw 2

1 Cf. Den Brinker / Muhs / Vleeming, DBL (2005), 54.


x+0 [It was brought to me]
x+1 this letter. [I have heard all words]
x+2 about [///]
x+3 I have seen him.
x+4 He has made … I have caused
x+5 him to be brought. I am
x+6 heavily ill 1Lit."I am in a very huge illness ".
x+7 as a consequence of a
x+8 beating (wound/ stroke?). It happened
x+9 to me on
x+10 a boat on the day
x+11 when I descended.
x+12 The wood
x+13 concerning which you have sent to me:
x+14 I will take
x+15 care of it again.
x+16 Issued (in) the 5th regnal year,
x+17 2nd of Choiak.

1 Lit."I am in a very huge illness ".