Pap. Berlin P. 13571   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title Sale contract regarding a red pregnant plowing cow
Summary Sale contract between Peteminis, son of Peteharpokrates and his mother Esharpokrates, and Harmais, son of Peteasychis and his Mutter Tahi, regarding the sale of a red pregnant plowing cow. On Verso four autographic witness signatures.


1ḥsb.t 5 ı͗bd 2 ꜣḫ.t n pr-ꜥꜣ Psmṯk ꜥnḫ wḏꜣ snb ḏd ı͗ꜣky bꜣk n pr-ꜥꜣ Pꜣ-ḏı͗-Mn sꜣ Pꜣ-ḏı͗-Ḥr-pꜣ-ẖrd mw.t=f Ns-Ḥr-pꜣ-ẖrd n
2 bsnṱ-bnpy Ḥr-m-ḥb sꜣ Pꜣ-ḏı͗-ꜥšꜣ-ı͗ḫy mw.t=f Ta-hy ḏı͗=k mtr ḥꜣ.ṱ=y n ḥḏ n tꜣy=(y) ı͗ḥ(.t)
3s:ḥm.t dšr skꜣ bk nty ı͗ꜣb (n) pꜣ ı͗ꜣb (n) ꜣs.t nty-ı͗w=w ḏd n=s rn n ı͗ḥ(.t) Ta-pꜣ-wtn tꜣ šr(.t) n tꜣy=(y) ı͗ḥ(.t) nmḥ r.
4 ms=w n pꜣy=(y) ı͗hy ḏı͗=y s n=k r-bnr r-dbꜣ ḥḏ ḏı͗=k n=y pꜣy=s ḥḏ šsp=y s n-ḏr.ṱ=k ḥꜣ.ṱ=y mtr .w
5n.ı͗m=f mtw=k s tꜣy=k ı͗ḥ(.t) s:ḥm.t tꜣy (n)-ṯꜣy pꜣ-hrw r-ḥry ḥnꜥ nꜣy=s ẖrd.ṱ.w nty-ı͗w=s r ms.ṱ=w n pꜣy=k ı͗hy bn-ı͗w rḫ
6rmṯ nb n pꜣ tꜣ (n-)ṯꜣy ı͗t mw.t sn sn.t šr šr.t ı͗nk ḥ(ꜥ=y) myt.t ı͗r-sḫy n.ı͗m=s pꜣy=k bnr pꜣ nty-ı͗w=f r ı͗y r.r=k r-dbꜣ.ṱ=s r
7 ṯꜣy.ṱ=s mtw=k ḏd bn mtw=k s ı͗n (n-)rn=(y) (n-)rn rmṯ nb n pꜣ tꜣ ı͗w=y r ḏı͗.t wy=f r.r=k n.ı͗m=s ı͗w=y tm ḏı͗.t wy=f r.r=k n.ı͗m=s
8ı͗w=y r ḏı͗.t n=k ı͗ḥ(.t) s:ḥm.t dšr.t skꜣ bk r pꜣy=s smt n ı͗ḥ(.t) r-dbꜣ.ṱ=s n pꜣ ssw n ṯꜣy.ṱ=s mtw=k nty-ı͗w=w r ı͗r=f ı͗w=y
vso 1Ns-Mn sꜣ Wsı͗r-Wr
vso 2Ḥr sꜣ I͗r.t-rḏ
vso 3Pꜣ-ḏı͗ꜣ s.t sꜣ Ḥr
vso 4Wꜣḥı͗b-Rꜥ sꜣ ꜥnḫ-pꜣ-ẖrd


15th regnal year, Paophi, of Pharaoh Psammetich LPH. Thus has spoken the stonemason and servant of Pharaoh Peteminis, son of Peteharpochrates and his mother Esharpochrates, to the
2blacksmith Harmais, son of Peteasychis and his mother Tahi: You have satisfied my heart with the amount of money for (my)
3red pregnant plowing cow which is branded with the brand of Isis and which is called by the cow name Ta-pa-uten, the daughter of (my) private cow,
4which was born in (my) corral. I have sold her to you for an amount of money. You have given me the money for her I have received it from your hand. My heart is satisfied
5with it. She belongs to you (now). She is your cow from today onward together with her calf which she shall bear in your corral. No
6man in the world, from father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, even myself, shall be enabled to wield power over her except you. As for the one who shall come to you in regard to her in order
7to take her from you saying: ‘She does not belong to you!’ (in) (my) name or (in) the name of any other man in the world, I will cause him to withdraw from you in regard to her. If I fail to cause him to withdraw from you in regard to her,
8I shall give you a similar red and pregnant plowing cow in exchange for her on the day when one might take her from you, while I
vso 1Esminis, son of Osoroeris.
vso 2Horos, son of Iret-redj.
so 3Peteesis, son of Horos.
vso 4Oaphres, son of Chapochrates.