Pap. Berlin P. 13564   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title letter with an order of manufacturing doors
Summary Letter to Parates, son of Inaros, without naming the sender. Ordering of doors and inquiry concerning the price which was not mentioned in the previous communication Additionally request on information abount the whereabouts of two former employees of the sender. According to Effland, this could refer to arrested people in connection with the revolt of Haronnophris and Chaonnophris.


1ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr Pa-rṱ sꜣ Ir.t-ḥr-r.r=w tw=y ı͗r nꜣy=k
2sm(ꜣꜥ).w dy n.m-bꜣḥ Wsı͗r Ḥr ꜣs.t nꜣ nṯr.w
3ꜣbḏw nty ı͗w=w ḏı͗.t ꜥḥꜥ=y ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr=k ı͗w mn
4ḏꜣ ı͗n=w n=y pꜣy ṯk sḏm=y
5pꜣy=k wḏꜣ ı͗rm nꜣ md.w(t) r.hb=k n=y n.ı͗m=w
6r Ns-nb-ꜥnḫ NOTE pꜣ ḥm-nṯr Sḫm.t
7r sḏy ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr=k n ꜥ nꜣ pšn
8ı͗.ı͗r=y pꜣy=f ꜥš-sḥn hb=k n=y r nꜣ md.w(t)
9n nꜣ ḫm.w sb.w bn-pw=k hb
10n swn.ṱ=w ı͗w=f ḫpr ı͗w gm=k ẖr ı͗w=f n-ı͗w
11r pr-mḥty my ı͗n=f s(t) mtw=k hb n=y
12n swn.ṱ=w ḫpr=f r-ı͗w=y ḏi.t s n-ḏr.t
13Ta-hꜣ my mnq=w s ı͗w nꜣ-ꜥn=s
14m-ı͗r ḏı͗.t ı͗.ı͗r=w wrr NOTE dbꜣ ḫpr
15ı͗w=y (n) pꜣy=w ḏf m-šs mtw=k
16hb n=y tꜣy=w hm(.t) ꜥn wn rmṯ Pr-w-qr
172 ı͗n=w st r pr-rsy ẖn
18nꜣ rmṯ.w Pr-w-rq ı͗w=w ṯꜣy r wꜥ ḫm (n)
19kꜣm ı͗w ḫr-tw=w n=y hyn
20ı͗rp n.ı͗m=f ı͗w bw-ı͗r-rḫ=n pꜣ mꜣꜥ
21nty ı͗w=w ṯꜣy n.ı͗m=w r.r=f ı͗w=w ḏd n=w
22ḥrꜣḥ n pꜣ s 2 my ḥn=w s
23ı͗w ı͗r pꜣ šn n pꜣ mꜣꜥ nty ı͗w=w ṯꜣy.ṱ=w r.r=f
24mtw=k pšn=k n=w mtw=k nw
25ḏd ı͗w=k rḫ ḏı͗.t hb=w
26r.r=w ı͗w=f ḫpr ı͗w wn md(.t) ı͗w=w wḫꜣ=s
27dy my ḥn=w s r ḏı͗.t hb=w n=y n.ı͗m=s
28sẖ ḥsb.t 3.t ı͗bd 3 šmw sw 23
vso 1ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr Pa-rṱ sꜣ I͗r.t-ḥr-r.r=w


1To Parates, son of Inaros. I greet
2you here before Osiris, Horus (and) Isis, the gods
3of Abydos [who will grant] that [I] stand before you without
4harm. This letter has been brought to me. I have heard
5about your well-being and about the matters concerning which you have sent to me.
6Snebonychos, the priest of Sachmet,
7will tell you about the nature NOTE of the services
8which I have done on his order. You have sent to me concerning the matters
9with the couple of doors. You have not sent
10concerning their price. If you have found a ship(?) NOTE which
11is on the way to the north, it may bring them! And you should send to me
12concerning their price so that I might not give it (over) to the hand
13of Taha. One may accomplish it well!
14Do not let it be delayed, because
15I need them very urgently NOTE! And you should
16also send to me (concerning) their transport price. There are two men from Per-uqer
17who were brought to the south among
18the men from Per-uqer, who NOTE belong to a small garden
19(and) who are used to deliver to me some
20wine out of it. We do not know the place
21to which they are brought, while NOTE it is said to them:
22‘Guard the two men!’ May it be ordered
23to ask for the place to which they will be brought!
24And you should engage yourself in them, and you should
25take care that you can cause one to send [to us ] NOTE
26concerning them. If it happens that here is something which one will desire:
27let it be ordered to send to us concerning it.
28Written in the 3rd regnal year, 23rd of Epeiph.
vso 1To Parates, [_] son of Inaros.