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Modern Title Letter concerning delegation of Chnoum priest to Alexandria to deliver stick bouquets
Summary Letter of Eschnompmetis, son of Snebonychos, concerning delegation and returm of a Chnoum priest to Alexandria. He had to deliver stick bouquets ("Stabsträuße") to the king on the occasion of the annual victory celebration of the battle of Raphia.


1Ns-H̱nm-pꜣ-mtr sꜣ Ns-nb-ꜥnḫ
2pꜣ nty ḏd
3ḏı͗=n ı͗w Pa-rṱ sꜣ I͗r.t-ḥr-r.r=w
4nty ẖn nꜣ wꜥb.w n H̱nm nꜣ nṯr.w-sn.w nꜣ nṯr.w-nty-
5-mnḫ.w nꜣ nṯr.w-mr-it.ṱ.w
6r šm r Rꜥ-qd ı͗rm nꜣ ꜥnḫ.w
7nty ı͗w=w (r) ṯꜣy.ṱ=w m-bꜣḥ pr-ꜥꜣ ẖr pꜣ ḥb n
8pꜣ ḏr pr-ꜥꜣ n ı͗bd 1 šmw sw 10 ı͗w=s ḥs
9mtw pꜣ ḥm-nṯr (n) Ḥr hb ḥꜣ.ṱ=f r ḏı͗.t šm=f r-bnr
10ḥr tꜣ rs.t ı͗rm pꜣy=f ı͗ry-ꜥꜣ ı͗w bn-pw=w ꜥnꜥn
11tꜣ nty ı͗w=w ḥn n.ı͗m=s ḏı͗ my ḥn=w s
12n pꜣ nty ı͗w=s (n) rn=f r ḏı͗.t hb=w n=y n.ı͗m=s sẖ
13n ḥsb.t 6 ı͗bd 2 šmw sw 29
vso 1 pꜣ sẖ 1Spiegelberg read Pꜣ-ḏı͗….

1 Spiegelberg read Pꜣ-ḏı͗….


1[Eschnompmetis,] son of Snebonychos,
2is the one who speaks:
3We have caused Parates, son of Inaros, to come,
4he who belongs to the wab priests of Chnoum, the gods Adelphoi, the gods
5Euergetai (and) the gods Philopatores,
6in order to travel to Alexandria, with the garlands
7which shall be presented before Pharaoh at the victory festival
8of Pharaoh on the 10th of Pachons. If it is pleasing
9that the priest of Horus personally 1Cf. Martin, Demotic Texts (1996) C13. sends to let him move out
10from the fortress (scil. Alexandria ), 2According to Martin, Demotic Texts (1996), no.C13. together with his pastophor without restraining
11that which is instructed in this regard, let it be ordered
12to the authorized representative to send to me concerning it. Written
13in the 6th regnal year, 29th of Payni.
vso 1[///]⸢..?..⸣ the letter [_] ⸢..?..⸣

1 Cf. Martin, Demotic Texts (1996) C13.
2 According to Martin, Demotic Texts (1996), no.C13.
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