Pap. Berlin P. 23595   (More information about the Object)
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Modern Title Sales contract
Summary Sales contract. The details are not detectable any more due to the fragmentary condition. Abnormal Hieratic witness signatures


1ḥsbt 13 ı͗bd 2 šmw n pr-ꜥꜣ Wꜣḥ-ı͗b-Rꜥ ꜥnḫ ḏ.t
4sḫy n-ı͗m=w r pꜣy=tn bnr ṯꜣy šr šr.t n-ḏr.t NN
5sꜣ Wꜣḥ-ı͗b-Rꜥ


113th regnal year, Payni of pharaoh Apries, whi my live in eternity
4having legal power over them, apart from you, wheater brother, or sister, [///. Written by NN,]
5son of Oaphres
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Reserved Copyright