Pap. Berlin P. 23597   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title Account on grain (old); writing exercise with conjugation of verb (new)
Summary 1) Old text: Accound on grain. 2) New text: Writing exercise: Conjugation of the lemma Ꜥnḫ "to live". According to Zauzich in VOHD XIX,2, the sequence is divergent from the otherwise known schemata.


Old text
x+1 ḥsb.t 2.t ı͗bd 4

Vso x+1
Vso x+2 3 ⸢..?..⸣
Vso x+3 3 (rtb) sw 3(?)
Vso x+4 2 (rtb) sw 3.t
Vso x+5 2 (rtb) sw 3.t
New text
1ḫr=ṯ n=y
2ı͗ ꜥnḫ=f
3ı͗ ꜥnḫ=s
4ı͗ ꜥnḫ=k
5ı͗ ꜥnḫ=w
6ı͗ ꜥnḫ=n
7ı͗ ꜥnḫ=ṯn
8ı͗ ꜥnḫ=ṯ
9ı͗ ꜥnḫ=y (?)


Old text
x+1 2nd regnal year, 4th month [///]
x+2ff. [///]
Vso x+1 [///] ⸢..?..⸣ [_] ⸢..?..⸣
Vso x+2 [///] 3 [_]⸢..?..⸣
Vso x+3 [///] 3 [_] (?) (Artabas of) wheat.
Vso x+4 [///] 2. [_] 3 (Artabas of) wheat.
Vso x+5 [///] 2. [_] 3 (Artabas of) wheat.
New text
1You have said to me:
2Oh may he live,
3oh may she live,
4oh may you (masc.) live,
5oh may they live,
6oh may we live,
7oh may you (pl.) live,
8oh may you (fem.) live,
9oh may I live.