Ostr. Berlin P. 12665   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. _x001C_SB VI 9545, 34
Modern Title Receipt for sales tax (enkyklion)
Summary Receipt of Ammonios, the tax farmer of the sales tax, for the enkyklion for the sale of an old fishing boat, paid by Sansnos, son of Petorzmethis, sailor.


1Ἀμμώνιος μισθωτὴς ἐνκυκλείου καὶ ὑπο-
2κειμένων βασιλικ γραμματείᾳ Σανσνῶτι Πετορζμήθιος ναύτῃ.
3ἔσχον παρὰ σοῦ ὑπὲρ τέλους σκάφης ἁλιευτικῆς πα-
4λαιᾶς δραχμὰς τέσσαρες, ὃ 1 l. ἣν ἐώνησαι παρὰ
5Ἰῆβις. (ἔτους) λβ // ἐπαγομένων α.

1 l. ἣν


1Ammonios, tax farmer of the sales tax (enkyklion) and of taxes
2belonging to the ressort of the royal scribe, to Sansnos, son of Petorzmethis, sailor.
3I have received from you for the tax for an old fishing boat
4four drachmas, which you have bought from
5Iebis. Year 32, Epagomene 1.
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