Ostr. Jerusalem, PBI 552   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. O. Varia 14, P.L. Bat. 26 14
Modern Title receipt for salt tax
Summary Menesas and two unnamed persons (male/female) are confirmed by Petepiphis, son of Pachnoumis, of having paid the salt tax of the 32th regnal year in an amount of 1 kite, for the payment to the tax farmer Zephyrion. Greek subscription with repetition of tax type and amount in Greek currency, by Petepiphis himself.


1ı͗n Mnsꜣs s:ḥm.t 1 ḥwṱ 1 ḥḏ qd 1
2 n ḥḏ ḥmꜣ n ḥsb.t 32 r wṱ=f n Spwryn
3n-ḏr.t Pꜣ-ḏı͗-pp.t sꜣ Pa-H̱nm n ḥsb.t 32 ı͗bd 3 pr.t sw 25
4ἁλικῆς τοῦ (ἔτους) λβ (δραχμαὶ) β.


1Thus have brought Menesas, 1 female and 1 male: (an amount of money of) 1 kite
2(for) the salt tax (for) the 32nd regnal year, (in order) to pay it to Zopyrion.
3Issued by Petepiphis, (son) of Pachnoumis, in the 32nd regnal year, 25th of Phamenoth.
4For the salt tax of the 32nd year: 2 drachmas.
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