Ostr. Paris, Louvre ODL 66   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. O. Louvre 66 / SB XVI 12875
Modern Title receipt for salt tax
Summary Ephonychos, son of Petearensnouphis, is confirmed by Imouthes, son of Esyris, of having paid the salt tax for the 18th regnal year, in an lost amount. Countersigned by Schemsbet. Greek subscription with mentioning of the responsible tax farmer, not given in the Demotic part.


1ı͗n I͗w=f-ꜥnḫ sꜣ Pꜣ-ḏı͗-I͗ry-ḥms-nfr
2n ḥḏ n ḥmꜣ (n) ḥsb.t 18 n-ḏr.t I͗y-m-ḥtp sꜣ Ns-pꜣ-Ḥr
3 sw 8 sẖ Šmsbṱ
4διὰ Πραξιάδου


1Thus has brought Ephonychos, son of Peteare[nsnouphis,]
2[for the] salt tax (for) the 18th regnal year. Issued by Imouthes, son of Esyris
3⸢..?..⸣, 8th day. Countersigned by Schemsbet.
4Through Praxiades.
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