Ostr. Paris, Louvre ODL 68   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. O. Louvre 68 / SB XVI 12876
Modern Title receipt for salt tax
Summary Telilis, daughter of Psenpelaias, is confirmed by Patous, son of Horos, of having paid the salt tax for the 36th regnal year, in an amount of 1/4 kite. Countersigned by Petobastis, son of Esyris. Greek subscription with mentioning of the responsible tax farmer, not given in the Demotic part, and repetition of the amount in Greek currency.


1ı͗n Tꜣ-ꜥlꜥlṱ ta Pꜣ-šr-pꜣ-mr-ı͗ḥ
2ḥḏ qd ¼ n ḥḏ ḥmꜣ (n) ḥsb.t 36 n-ḏr.t Pa-tꜣ.wy sꜣ Ḥr ḥsb.t 36
3ı͗bd 4 pr.t sw 28 sẖ Pꜣ-ḏı͗-Bꜣst.t sꜣ Ns-Ḥr
4διὰ Δώρου (τριώβολον)


1Thus has brought Telilis, daughter of Psenpelaias,
2¼ silver kite for the salt tax (for) the 36th regnal year. Issued by Patous, son of Horos. 36th regnal year,
328th of Pharmouthi. Countersigned by Petobastis, son of Esyris.
4Through Doros: 3 obols.
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