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Modern Title receipt for date palms
Summary Harpaesis, son of Petosorsmetis, writes to Peteosoroeris, son of Peteesis, and whose brother Harpaesis, concerning that the sender has claim to money for date-palm fruits(?) on the adressees. Perhaps we wants them to pay him. He also points out that the adressees have to pay tax for the fruits. The rest of the letter is too much destroyed to be able to reconstruct the content.


1Ḥr-pa-ꜣs.t sꜣ Pꜣ-ḏı͗-Wsı͗r-ns-mt pꜣ nty ḏd n Pꜣ-ḏı͗-Wsı͗r-wr
2sꜣ Pꜣ-ḏj-ꜣs.t ı͗rm Ḥr-pa-ꜣs.t pꜣy=f sn tw=y ꜥš r.ı͗r=ṯn
3tw=y m-sꜣ=ṯn n pꜣ ḥḏ tke n bn.t nty mtw=y ꜥš
4m sꜣ=ṯn n.ı͗m=f ı͗n ı͗w=y n Ybꜣ
5 Pstꜥ 1It is also possible that this is a foreign toponym. mtw=ṯn ḏı͗ ḥtr
6 ı͗rm nꜣ gw 2
7mtw=ṯn mḥ pꜣ ḥtr nty(?) Mḥel
8n ḥsb.t 11 n ꜣtryns Gysrs 2Reading of the epithet by J. Moje.
9tꜣ s.t

1 It is also possible that this is a foreign toponym.
2 Reading of the epithet by J. Moje.


1Harpaesis, son of Petosorsmetis is the one who speaks to Petosoroeris,
2son of Peteese, and Harpaesis, his brother: ‘I am citing you.
3I have claim on you for the money of date-palm fruits(?) for which I am citing
4you. Shall I ..?.. it in Elephantine
5..?.. Pesta. And you are to give a tax
6..?.. together with two gu..?.. 2 ..?..
7and you are to pay ı͗n full the tax which(?) ..?.. Mhel
8in the 11th regnal year of Hadrianus Caesar
9the place ..?.. [///]
10before ..?.. [///]
11..?.. [///]
12..?.. [///]
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