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Publication No. P.Bagnall 14
Modern Title receipt for salt tax
Summary Smetis, son of Psammetichos, is confirmed of having paid the rate for the salt tax for the 35th regnal year, in an amount of 2 drachmas. The payment was made through the tax farmer Doros. Repetition of tax type and amount, also in Greek, by Petepiphis (according to the characteristic palaeography). Demotic countersignature by Potemetous, son of Psintaes, giving only his name.


1(ἔτους) λε Φαρμοῦθι κ̅ζ̅ ἔχει
2Δῶρος παρὰ Σμῆτ Ψα-
3-μητίχου ἁλικῆς τοῦ
4λε (ἔτους) (δραχμὴν) α.
5ἁλικῆς (δραχμὴ) α.
6sẖ Pꜣ-wḏꜣ-mtw=s Pꜣ-šr-tꜣ-ı͗ḥ.t


135th regnal year, 27th of Pharmouthi. Thus has received
2Doros from Smet, son of Psa-
3-metichos, for the salt tax of
4the 35th regnal year: 1 drachma.
52.H. For the salt tax: 1 drachma.
63.H. Countersigned by Potemetous, son of Psintaes.
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