Ostr. Paris, Louvre OGL 1835   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. P.Bagnall 19
Modern Title receipt for salt tax
Summary Pates, son of Imouthes, and Tilous, his mother, are confirmed by tax farmer Doros of having paid the rate for the salt tax for the 25th regnal year, in an amount of 4 resp. 1,75 obols. Demotic countersignature by Pasbet, with date.


1(ἔτους) κ̣ε̣ Τῦβι κη̅
2τέτακται Πᾶτις
3ἁλικῆς (τετρώβολον) Τιλοῦς
4μήτηρ (ὀβολόν) (ἡμιωβέλιον) (τέταρτον).
5sẖ Pasbṱ ḥsb.t 25 ı͗bd 1 pr.t sw 28


125th regnal year, 28th of Tybi.
2Thus has paid Pates
3for the salt tax: 4 obols; Tilous,
4his mother: 1 1/2 1/4 obols.
5Countersigned by Pasbet. 25th regnal year, 28th of Tybi.
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