Pap. Leiden, RMO F 1976/11.4   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. TAD D.2.12
Modern Title Contract Fragment
Summary Contract between Barznarva, who goes by the name of Patû and is a Bactrian from Elephantine and Yedanyah who holds possession-status


1בירח פאוני שנת 𐡘𐡘 ארתחשסש מלכא אמר
2ברזנרו בר ארתברזנ הו פתו בחתרי זי
3אתרה ביב בירתא עביד לדגל מרי מדי 𐡘 לידניה
4בר נתנ יהודי זי ביב בירתא מהחסנ לדגל


1[In the mo]nth of Payni, year 2 Artaxerxes the king, said
2[Ba]rznarva son of Artabarzana, that is Patû, a Bactrian, whose
3[pl]ace is appointed in Fort Elephantine, belonging to the degal-unit of {Marya|Māduya}, 1 (person) to Yedanyah
4[son of Na]⸢tan a ⸢J⸣[u]dean who is in Fort Elephantine, one of possession-status, belonging to the degal-unit of
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