Pap. Cairo EM JdE 43466   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. TAD A.6.1
Modern Title Letter regarding a share
Summary This is a fragmentary letter from Achaemenes, Bagadana, Peteese, Harwodi and their colleagues to the satrap Arsames regarding a share. It illustrates the bureaucratic practice of "putting everything in writing".


1על מראנ ארשמ עבדיכ אחמנש וכנותה בגדנ וכנותה וספרי מדינתא שלמ מראנ אלהיא כלא
2ישאלו שגיא בכל עדנ וכעת לנ שימ טעמ מנתא למ זי יהבה במדינתא אתר זי פ
3מפרש זנ זנ ירח כירח הוו שלחנ עלי אפ נשתונא כתיב יהיב לנ כעת
vso1עלמראנ ארשמ זי במצרינ עבדיכ אחמנש וכנותה אזדכריא בגדנ וכנותה
vso2דיניא פטאסי וכנותה ספרי מדינת פמ נס ונפרע חרוצ וכנותהו ספרי מדינת
vso3עלימ סינערש אזדכרא כנתהמ ב 10 + 3 + 3 + 3 למרחשונ שנת 20 + 10 + 3 + 3 + 2 פתחמארתחשסש מלכא


1[To our lord Arsa]mes, your servants Achaemenes and his colleagues, Bagadana and his colleagues, and the scribes of the province. May [all] the gods (2) abundantly seek after] the welfare of our lord
2[at] all times. And now, an order was i[ss]ued to us, saying: "The share which is given in the province, where [...]
3[...] separately, each kind, [mo]nth by month, do send to me. Moreover, a rescript was written (and) given to us. Now, [...]
vso1[To] our lord Arsames [w]ho is in Egypt, your [serv]ants Achaemenes and his colleagues the heralds, Ba[gadana and his colleagues]
vso2the judges, Peteisi and his colleagues the scribes of the province of Pamunpara(?), Harudj and his colleagues the scribes of the provin[ce of...]
vso3[PN] servant of Sinerish the herald, their colleague. On 19 Marheshvan, year 38 of [King] Artaxerxes [...]