Pap. Cairo EM JdE 43492   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. TAD B.2.5; Sachau pap. 38 / taf. 35; Cowley 48
Modern Title Betrothal contract fragment
Summary Very fragementary piece with betrothal agreement. The father of the bride is Mahseiah. In the penalty clause the groom promises to pay the father a sum of money if he backs down on his promise to take the daughter in marriage.


x+1וכספא זנה זי כתיב מנ עלא ולא אתית על
x+2 ברתכ למלקחה לאנתו אנתנ למחסיה
x+3בר זכור ס
x+4 משל מ כ בר


x+1[and] this [silver] which is written above, and I do not co[me to ...]
x+2your daughter to take her for wifehood, I shall give to Mahseiah [...]
x+3son of Zaccur S[...]
x+4Meshull[{am|ak}] son of P[N ...]