Ostr. Wimborne Minster, Private collection Bankes 44   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. O.Bankes 44
Modern Title Receipt for trade tax (cheironaxion)
Summary Receipt of Annius Decimus, tax farmer, though the assistant Serenus for trade tax of year 7 of Marc Aurel and Verus, paid by Patsibtis, son of Petorzmethis and Senpelaia


1Ἄννιος Δέκμος μισθ(ωτὴς) ἱερᾶς πύλης
2Σοή(νης) διὰ Σερήνου βοη(θοῦ)· διέγρ(αψεν) Πατσίβτις
3Πετορζ(μήθου) μη(τρὸς) Σενπελαίας ὑπ(ὲρ) χειρ̣ω̣ναξίου ζ (ἔτους) δραχμὰς εἴκο-
4σι ὀβολ(οὺς) δύο, (γίνονται) (δραχμαὶ) κ (διώβολον). (ἔτους) ζ Ἀντωνίνου
5καὶ Οὐήρου Καισάρων τῶν κυρίων
6vac. ? Φαῶφι κ̅θ̅.


1Annius Decumus, tax farmer of the Sacred Gate
2of Syene, through Serenus, assistant. Thus has paid Patsibtis,
3son of Petorzmethis and the mother Senpelaia, for trade tax of year 7, twenty drachmas
4two obols, = 20 dr. 2 ob. Year 7 of Antoninus
5and Verus Caesares the lords,
6Phaophi 29.
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