Ostr. Wimborne Minster, Private collection Bankes 64   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. O.Bankes 1
Modern Title Loan contract
Summary Loan contract between Sokration, son of Mouis, undertaker of Syene, and Marcus Annius Balbinos and his sister Annia Olympias, over an amount of 109 drachmae, under mortgage of a part of a house and a grave


1ζ (ἔτους) θεοῦ Ἁδριανο, Παῦνι α· διὰ τοῦ ἐν Σοήνῃ <?
2ἐδάνισεν 1 l. ἐδάνεισεν Σωκρατίων Μούιτος ἀπ(ὸ) Σοήνης νεκροτάφος
3Μάρκῳ Ἀννίῳ Βαλβίνῳ καὶ τῇ τούτου
4ἀδελφῇ Ἀννίᾳ Ὀλυμπιάδι ἐπὶ ὑποθήκῃ μέρους οἰκίας
5ἐν τῇ κάτω μερίδι Σοήνης καὶ μέρο̣υ̣ς̣ τάφου
6ἐκτὸς φο? Σοή(νης) πόρον (δραχμὰς) ρθ.

1 l. ἐδάνεισεν


1Year 7 of the deified Hadrian, Payni 1, through the <---> in Syene.
2Sokration, son of Mouis, from Syene, undertaker, has lent
3to Marcus Annius Balbinus and to his
4sister Annia Olympias under mortgage of part of a house
5in the lower part of Syene and part of a grave
6outside the fo--- of Syene, a sum of 109 drachmas. (Worp)
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