Ostr. Wimborne Minster, Private collection Bankes 160   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. O.Bankes 2
Modern Title Receipt for survey tax on palm groves (γεωμετρίας φοινικῶνος)
Summary Receipt of the tax farmer Stlaccius through his assistant Ammonios (II) for the survey tax on palm groves for the harvest of year 19 of Antoninus and for the 4th installment for year 16, paid by Tisatis and partners, dated in year 20 of Antoninus


1Στλάκκιος Σατορνεῖλος 1ed. Σπαρτ( ) μισθωτὴς ἱερᾶς πύλης
2Σοήνης δι Ἀμμωνίου βοηθοῦ· διέγραψαν
3Τισᾶτις καὶ μέτοχοι ὑπὲρ γεωμετρίας φοινικῶνος
4γενήματος ιθ (ἔτους) δραχμὰς δώδεκα ἡμ̣ι̣ο̣βέλιον
5δίχαλκον καὶ ὑπὲρ (τετάρτου) πέμπτου ιϛ (ἔτους) δραχμὰς δύο
6τριώβολον δίχαλκον. (ἔτους) κ
7Ἀντωνίνου Καίσαρος τοῦ κυρίου,
8Ἁθὺρ α̣. Δ̣ι̣ο̣(νυσόδωρος) 2Heilporn

1 ed. Σπαρτ( )
2 Heilporn


1Stlaccius Satornilus, tax farmer of the Sacred Gate
2of Syene, through the assistant Ammonios. Thus have paid
3Tisatis and her partners for the survey tax of palm groves
4for the harvest of year 19 twelve drachmas and a half obol
5two chalkoi, and for the fourth fifth of year 16 two drachmas
6three obols two chalkoi. Year 20
7of Antoninus Caesar the lord,
9Hathyr 1. Dio(nysodoros?)
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