Ostr. Elephantine, excavation DAIK O 1501   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. O.Eleph. DAIK 078
Modern Title receipt for an unidentified tax
Summary Receipt of the praktores Petesouchos and Annios Ammonianos for ? , paid by P---, son of ? and Thinpat---, with signature of Annios Ammonianos


1Πετεσοῦχος καὶ Ἄννιος Ἀμμωνιανὸς 1ed. [Ψανμοῦς]
2πράκτορες. διέγραψεν Π -10-12-
3μητρὸς Θινπατ -10-12-
4β (ἔτους) Ἀντωνείνου Καίσαρος
5τοῦ κυρίου -8-10- . (ἔτους) γ
6Ἀντωνείνου Καίσαρος
7τοῦ κυρίου, month, day.
8 Ἄννιος Ἀμμωνιανὸς σεσημ(είωμαι). 2ed. [Ψ]αν[μοῦς

1 ed. [Ψανμοῦς]
2 ed. [Ψ]αν[μοῦς


1Petesouchos and Annius Ammonianus,
3collectors. Thus has paid P---, son of NN
3and Thinpat--- for (tax)
4of year 2 of Antoninus Caesar
5the lord --- (amount). Year 3?
6of Antoninus Caesar
7the lord, ---(month, day).
8Annius Ammonianus, I have signed.
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