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Publication No. O.Wilck. 205
Modern Title receipt for contribution
Summary receipt of Papremithes and Bienchis, praktores argyrikon of Elephantine, for merismos of year 9 of Antoninus, paid by Patsibtis, son of Petorzmethis and Thinpelaia. Belongs to the archive of Patsibtis.


1Παπρεμίθης πράκτωρ ἀργυρικῶν Ἐλεφαντίνης
2σὺν Βιήνχι. διέγραψεν Πατσίβις Πε-
3τορζμήθου μητρὸς Θινπελέας μερισμὸν
4θ (ἔτους) Ἀντωνίνου τοῦ κυρίου δραχμὰς
5πέντε (ἡμιωβέλιον) χαλκοῦς γ̅. (ἔτους) θ Παχὼν θ̅.


1Papremithes, collector of money taxes at Elephantine,
2together with Bienchis. Thus has paid Patsibtis, son of
3Petorzmethis and the mother Thinpelaia, for the contribution
4of year 9 of Antoninus the lord,
5five drachmas 1/2 ob. 3 cha(lkoi). Year 9, Pachon 9.
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