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Publication No. SB V 7587
Modern Title Receipt for trade tax (χειρωναξίου)
Summary receipt of praktor Sokrates for cheironaxion of year 14 of Domitian, paid by Pachnoubis, son of Psenchnoubis, second installment, with signature of Sokrates.


1διέγραψεν Παχνοῦβις Ψενχνούβεως
2ὑπὲρ χιρωναξίου 1 l. χει(ρωναξίου) ιδ (ἔτους) Δομιτιανοῦ
3τοῦ κυρίου ἐπὶ λόγου (δραχμὰς) ιθ. ὁμοίως (δραχμὴν) α (διώβολον),
4(γίνονται) (δραχμαὶ) κ (διώβολον).
5Σωκράτης 2ed. Σωκρά̣τ̣α̣ πράκτωρ ἔγραψα .

1 l. χει(ρωναξίου)
2 ed. Σωκρά̣τ̣α̣


1Thus has paid Pachnoubis, son of Psenchnoubis,
for trade tax of year 14 of Domitian
3the lord, on account, 19 dr. Ditto, 1 dr. 2 ob.,
4= 20 dr. 2 ob.
Sokrates, praktor, I have written.

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