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Publication No. P.Bagnall 23
Modern Title receipt for salt tax
Summary Receipt of Doros for salt tax of year 6 of Ptolemy IV, paid by Imouthes, son pf Haynchis.


1(ἔτους) ς Παχὼνς ι̅θ̅. τέτακται
2Ἰμουτ Ἁύγχιος διὰ
3Δώρου (τετρώβολον), Τ̣αωρ γυ(νὴ)(ὀβολὸν)(ἡμιωβέλιον).


1Year 6, Pachon 19. Thus has paid
2Imout, son of Haynchis, through
3Doros, 4 ob., Taor, his wife, 1 1/2 ob.
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