Ostr. London, British Library 13981 (5790n)   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. O.Wilck. 102
Modern Title Receipt for poll tax (laographia)
Summary receipt of (praktor) Didymion through the scribe Sarapion, for laographia in several installments, each dated to the day, paid by Pachnoumis, son of Pachompabienchis and Tachomtbekis; with signature of praktor Didymion.


1διέγραψεν Παχνοῦμις Παχομ-
2παβιήνχεως μητρὸς Ταχομτβῆκις
3ὑπὲρ λαογραφίας ιη (ἔτους) Τραιανοῦ Φαρμοῦ-
4τι δ δραχμὰς τέσσαρες, Παχὼν κγ
5δραχμὰς τέσσαρες, Παῦνι κθ δραχμὰς
6τέσσαρες, Ἐπὶφ ιθ δραχμὰς δύο,
7Μεσορὴ β δραχμὰς δύο, (γίνονται) (δραχμαὶ) ιϛ.
8Διδυμίων σεση(μείωμαι). ιθ (ἔτους) Φαῶφι
9δραχμὴν μίαν (ἡμιωβέλιον) δεσμοφυλάκων (ἡμιωβέλιον), (γίνονται) (δραχμὴν) α (ὀβολὸν), μερισ-
10μοῦ (δραχμὰς) β (διώβολον). δι Σαραπίωνος.


1Thus has paid Pachnoumis, son of Pachom-
2pabienchis and the mother Tachmtbekis,
3for poll tax of year 18 of Trajan, Pharmouthi
44: drachmae four, Pachon 23:
5drachmae four, Payni 29: drachmae
6four, Epeiph 19: drachmae two,
7Mesore 2: drachmae two, = dr. 16.
8Didymion, I have signed. (2. hand) Year 19, Phaophi,
9one drachma half obol, for prison tax half obol, = 1 dr. 1 ob.; for
10contribution 2 dr. 2 ob. Through Sarapion.
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