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Publication No. O.Wilck. 169
Modern Title Receipt for contribution for river police boats and certificates of billeting and for guard posts (merismos potamophylakidon and diplon and stationos)
Summary receipt of praktor Petesouchos for merismos potamophylakidon and diplon of year 2 of Antoninus, paid by Pastibtis, son of Petorzmethis and Sempelaia (archive)


1Πετεσοῦχος πράκτωρ.
2διέγραψεν Πατσίβτις Πετ-
3ορζμήθου μητρὸς Σενπελαίας
4ὑπὲρ μερισμοῦ ποταμοφυλακίδος β (ἔτους)
5Ἀντωνείνου Καίσαρος
6τοῦ κυρίου ῥυπαρὰ (διώβολον) (ἡμιωβέλιον), διπλῶν
7(δραχμὰς) γ (ὀβολὸν), στατίωνος 1ed. σνι( ) (δίχαλκον), Φαμενὼθ θ̅.

1 ed. σνι( )


1Petesouchos, collector.
2Thus has paid Patsibtis, son of
3Petorzmethis and the mother Senpelaia,
4for the contribution for river police boats of year 2
5of Antoninus Caesar
6the lord, 2 1/2 ob. brutto, for certificates of billeting
73 dr. 1 ob., for guard posts 2 Chalkoi, Phamenoth 9.
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