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Publication No. SB XIV 11925
Modern Title Receipt for poll tax (laographia) and prison guards (desmophylakon) and contribution for the men who have fled (merismos anakechorekoton)
Summary Receipt for payment of poll and capitation taxes. While the names of the collectors are not mentioned, it is likely that they are the Stephanus and Serenus mentioned in W.O. II 164.


1Στέφανος καὶ οἱ σὺν αὐτ ἐπιτηρηταὶ ἱερᾶς πύλ̣ης Σοήνης
2διὰ Σερήνου βοηθοῦ. διέγραψεν Πασῆτις Μεσουήρεως
3μη(τρὸς) ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ὑ̣π̣ὲρ λ̣αογραφίας ια (ἔτους) δραχμὰς δε-
4καεπτὰ ὀβολ(όν), (γίνονται) (δραχμαὶ) ιζ (ὀβολός), μερισ̣μὸν ἐ̣π̣ι̣κ̣εφαλίου ἀνδρῶν ἀνακε̣χωρηκότων
5- ca.20 - ̣ ̣ (ἔτους) ιβ Αὐρηλίου
6Ἀντωνίνου Καίσαρος τοῦ κυ̣ρ̣ί̣ου Φαῶφι ι̅δ̅.


1Stephanus and his associate supervisors of the Sacred Gate of Syene,
2through Serenos, assistant. Thus has paid Pasetis, son of Mesouris
3and the mother ---, for poll tax of year 11, seven-
4teen drachmas one obol, = 17 dr. 1 ob., for the contribution for the men who have fled
5--- Year 12 of Aurelius
6Antoninus Caesar the lord, Phaophi 14.
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