Papr. Rome, Private Collection Monneret de Villard X   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. P.MargoliouthMonneret II 4 recto
Modern Title Private letter from a son to his father
Summary A letter from a son to his father in which he informs him of the situation, sends greetings to family and friends, discusses money receipts, and requests that he buy fish. Finally, request a response to this letter.


1بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
2من عند الولد علي
3الى حضرة الوالد العزيز الموفق السعيد
4عثمان اطال الله بقاه والسلام علي مكين وانا
5واقف الحال وما معي شي وبيتنا طيبين في
6عافية وصلاح الدين يسلم عليك والدتي
7مشوشة لاجل فرقت الصغار واحتانا
8قاعدين حتى يطلع ايت والي الليل فما حلاني
9ما اجي الا الدين الذي عليه والسلام على اسعد
10والسلام على المعلم احمد والسلام على المعلم شعبان
11وعلى المعلم شرف وعلى صهرتي فاطمة وابن العزيز
12‮ وابن العزيز راطي عليك وقد كتب لك عشرة‬‬‬
13وصولات تستخلص له دراهمهم وتاخذ له
14من حقهم بعشرة نقرة سمك وليش اخليت البيت
15والله الله تبعت لنا جواب هذه الورقة والسلام


1In the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate
2From the son ʿAlī
3To the dear successful fortunate parent
4ʿUthmān, whose duration may God prolong. Now peace is established with me and my
5affairs are at a standstill, and there is nothing with me; and our household are well
6in health. And Salāḥ al-Din salutes you. My Mother
7is in distress owing to the paring with the young people, and our two sisters
8are seated till there rises the sign of the ruler of night. And there did not permit me
9not to come anything save the debt which he owes. And greeting to Asʿad
10And greeting to the master Aḥmad and greeting to the master Shaʿbān
11And to the master Sharaf, and to my sister-in-law Fāṭima. And Ibn al-ʿAzīz
12and Ibn al-ʿAzīz is satisfied with thee, and has written for thee ten
13receipts the monies whereof thou shalt secure for him, and thou shalt take for him
14from what is due thereon fish for ten nuqra. Now why hast thou vacated the house?
15I adjure thee by God that you send a reply to this paper. And greeting