Ostr. London, British Library 13970 (5791f)   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. O.Wilck. 106
Modern Title Receipt for poll tax and prison guards
Summary receipt of the Valerion and his associate tax farmers through the scribe Sarapion for laographia and desmophylakon of year 20 of Trajan, paid by Harpaesis, son of Phanophis and Tachomtbekis (archive).


1Οὐαλερίων καὶ οἱ λοιποὶ μισθωταὶ ἱερᾶς
2πύλης Σοήνης δι Σαραπίωνος γραμματέως.
3διέγραψεν Ἁρπάησις Φανώφε-
4ως μητρὸς Ταχομτβῆκις
5λαογραφίας κ (ἔτους) Τραιανοῦ Ἀρίστου
6τοῦ κυρίου δραχμὰς δέκα ἑ-
7πτὰ (ἡμιωβέλιον) δεσμοφυλάκων (ἡμιωβέλιον) (γίνονται) (δραχμαὶ) ιζ (ὀβολὸς). 1ed. [διὰ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣]
8Ἐπεὶφ ι̅β̅.

1 ed. [διὰ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣]


1Valerion and the other tax farmers of the Sacred
2Gate of Syene through Sarapion, the scribe.
3Thus has paid Harpaesis, son of Phanophis
4and the mother Tachomtbekis,
5for poll tax of year 20 of Traianus Optimus
6the lord seventeen drachmae
7and 0,5 Ob., for prison guards 0,5 Ob., = 17 dr. 1 Ob.
8Epeiph 12.
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