Ostr. Wimborne Minster, Private collection Bankes X   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. O.Wilck. 303
Modern Title receipt for harbor guard (hormophylakia)
Summary receipt of Antonios Malchaios, head of the harbour guard of Syene for harbour fees (enhormion) for cargoes made during the months Phaophi to Choiak. Receipt for harbour dues from the port officer (ho ascholoumenos ten hormophylakian) at Syene (Aswan), Antonios Malchaios, acknowledging receipt of dues on cargoes over the past four months Phaophi - Choiak


1Ἀντώνιος Μαλχαῖοςἀσχολού-
2μενος τὴν ὁρμοφυλακίαν Σοήνης
3Ἁρπασήσι Βιένχιος χαίρειν. ἀπέ-
4χω παρὰ σοῦ τὸ ἐνόρμιον ἀγωγί-
5ων ὧν ποιήσου τὰ ἀπὸ Φαῶφι ̣ ἕ-
6ως Χοίακ α̅ τοῦ ι ̣ (ἔτους) Τραιανοῦ
7Ἀρίστου Καίσαρος τοῦ κυρίου
8Χοίακ α̅.


1Antonius Malchaios, in charge of
2the harbour guard of Syene,
3to Harpaesis, son of Bienchis, greeting. I have
4from you theharbour fees for the cargoes
5you made from Phaophi to
6 Choiak 1 of year 10+x? of Traianus
7Optimus Caesar the lord,
8Choiak 1.
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