Pap. London, British Library Pap 1805   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. P.Lond. V 1719
Modern Title Contract of loan of money
Summary Paam, a priest, and Paulos owe the sum of five solidi to an unknown man. Paam's share of the debt is four solidi and he undertakes to repay it within the same month (Mecheir), apparently without interest. Paulos promises to repay by the month of Epeiph, five months later, at an interest rate of 12% per annum. The jewelry pledged as security includes two pendants of a gold earring, probably one acquired by Paulos' daughter Maria seven years earlier (P. Lond. V 1720). P. Lond. V 1721 belongs together with P.Lond. V 1719 and 1720 and perhaps the creditor there, whose name is missing, is the same as the Syenian here.(Farber/Porten)


1† ὑπατείας Φλαουίου Βασι̣λεί̣ο(υ) τ̣ο(ῦ) ἐνδοξοτάτου Μεχεὶ̣ρ̣ ̣
2τῆς τετάρτης ἰν̣δικτίονος.
3Αὐρήλιος Πααμ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ὁ εὐλαβέστατος πρεσβύτερος τῆς ἁγίας ἐ̣κκ̣λ̣η̣σίας
4Κάστρου -?- Παῦλος ἀ̣πὸ̣ τοῦ αὐτο Κάστρου
5 -?- ̣ ̣λι̣ῳ υἱῷ Ψας ̣ ̣ Ζ̣υηνιτης 1 l. Συηνίτῃ ἀπὸ
6Κάστρου(?) Μεμνονί̣ων το Ἑρμωνθίτου νομοῦ χαίρειν.
7ὁμολογοῦμεν ἔχειν καὶ χρεωστεῖν σοι εἰς̣ ἔκτισιν καὶ ἀπόδωσιν 2 l. ἀπόδοσι
8χρυσο(ῦ) δοκίμο(υ) εἰ̣ς ἀριθμὸν νομισμάτ̣ων πέντε, Πααμ μὲν
9ὁ προγεγρ(αμμένος) πρεσβύτερος νομίσματα τέσσερ[α] 3 l. τέσσαρα εἰληφοτι 4l. εἰληφὼς ἐν τῷ Μεχεὶρ
10μηνὶ τῆς τετά̣ρ̣της ἰνδικτίονος, Παῦλος δὲ νόμισμα ἓν
11εἰληφὼς ἐν τῷ Ἐπεὶφ μηνὶ ἀρχ πέμπτης ἰνδικτίονος μετὰ τῆς
12αὐτο(ῦ) φιλοτιμείας 5 l. [φιλ]οτιμίας τοῦτʼ ἔστι τάλαντα δ̣ισχίλεια 6l. δισχίλια τετρακόσια
13καὶ εἰς μείζονά σου ἀσφάλειαν ὑπο̣τιθέμεθά σοι ἐν τα
14 ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ς̣ λόγῳ καὶ ὑποθήκῃ τὸ ὑπάρχον ἡμῖν χειροψέλλιο̣ν
15χρυσοῦν̣ καὶ ἐνωτίου χρυσον 7 l. χρυσοῦ πτύ̣χι(?)α δύο καὶ ταῦτα εἶναι
16ὑπὸ τὴν σὴν ἀκώλυτον δεσποτείαν εἶναι μέχρι ἀποδώ-
17σεως 8 l. ἀποδό|[σεως]κασυμπληρώσεως τα 9 l. τῶν προκειμένων χρεα 10 l. χρεῶν σὺν τόκοις
18 ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ ̣ κ̣α̣ὶ̣ εἰς σὴ̣ν̣ ἀ̣σφάλ̣ειαν τ̣ο(ῦ)το πεπ̣οιή-
19μεθα τὸ γραμματεῖον -?-
19+y-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

1 l. Συηνίτῃ
2 l. ἀπόδοσι
3 l. τέσσαρα
4 l. εἰληφὼς
5 l. [φιλ]οτιμίας
6 l. δισχίλια
7 l. χρυσοῦ
8 l. ἀποδό|[σεως]
9 l. τῶν
10 l. χρεῶν


1† In the year after the consulship of the most honorable Flavius Basilius, on Mecheir ?,
2in the fourth indiction,
3the Aurelians Paam ---, most scrupulous priest of the holy church
4of Fort --- and Paulos, from the same Fort,
5to --- -lios son of Psas---, a Syenian from
6Fort Memnonion of the Hermonfhite nome, greetings.
7We acknowledge that we have and owe to you as recompense and repayment,
8genuine gold to the number of five solidi, Paam,
9the aforesaid elder, who has received four solidi in the month of Mecheir
10in the fourth indiction, and Paulos, who will receive one solidus,
11in the month of Epeiph in the beginning of the fifth indiction, with the
12honorarium of it. This is two thousand four hundred talents.
13And for your greater security we mortgage to you here,
14as pledge and mortgage, the gold armlet belonging to us
15and two pendants of a gold earring. And this is
16under your unfettered ownership until payment
17and satisfaction of the aforementioned debts with their interests.
18--- and for your security we have made this
19note ---
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