St. New York, MET Accession Number 14.7.11   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title decree of King Neferkauhor, inserrting a governor
Summary "This stone preserves a decree of king Neferkauhor appointing Idy, nomarch of Coptos, as Governor of Upper Egypt from Elephantine at the southern border with Nubia to Hu somewhat north of Coptos. This probably occurred when Shemay, Idy's father, became vizier." (According to: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (2000-2018), Decree)


side 1

IḤr Nṯr.j-bꜣ.w nswt ḏs r-gs ḫtm ꜣbd 2 pr.t sw 20
1ḥꜣ.tj-ꜥ jm.j-rꜣ-ḥm.w-nṯr Jdy
IIjw=k m ḥꜣ.tj-ꜥ (j)m(.j)-rꜣ-šmꜥ.w (j)m(.j)-rꜣ-ḥm.w-nṯr m šmꜥ.w pw
IIIḥr=k ḫnt.j-m Tꜣ-stj mḥ.t m Bꜣ.t jrr ḥꜣ.tj-ꜥ (j)m(.j)-rꜣ-ḥm.w-nṯr ḥr.jw-tp
IVḥqꜣ.w-njw.t n.tjw jm ẖr.j-ḥr=k m wḥm jt=k jt-nṯr
Vmr.j-nṯr jr.j-p.t (j)m(.j)-rꜣ-njw.t ṯꜣ.tj (j)m(.j)-rꜣ-sẖꜣ.ww-ꜥ-nswt
8 Šmꜣj


I1According to: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (2000-2018), Decree. The Horus Netjeribau 2i. e. king Neferkauhor, the king himself (was) by the sealing (on) second month [of the peret-season, day 20]
1royal decree (to) the mayor, [overseer of ḥm-nṯr-priests, Idy]:
4You are mayor, overseer of Upper Egypt, overseer of ḥm-nṯr-priests in this Upper Egypt [which is]
5before you, from Taseti and as north as Bat, acting as mayor. Overseer ḥm-nṯr-priests, chief lectors,
6(and) town-chiefs, who are there, (shall be) under your supervision, repeating 3i. e. succeeding your father [the god's father]
7God's [beloved], the nobleman, overseer of the town [///] [vizier], overseer of scribes of the king's documents,
8[///] Shemay [///]

1 According to: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (2000-2018), Decree.
2 i. e. king Neferkauhor
3 i. e. succeeding