Ostr. Cairo EM 18955, 70   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. ZPE 209, 1 Shereen A. Aly 70
Modern Title Receipt for custom duties for wine
Summary Receipt of Iunius Mousaios and his associate tax farmers of the harbour of Syene through Iunius Valens, for the import fee for 25 vessels of wine in Year 12 of Domitian, paid by Ammonios, son of Bassos.


1Ἰούνιος Μουσαῖος καὶ οἱ
2μέτοχοι τελῶναι λιμέν-
3ος Σοήνης διὰ Ἰουνίου Οὐάλεν(τος)
4Άμμονίωι Βάσσου χαίρειν. άπέ-
5χομεν παρὰ σοῦ τέλος οἴνου
6οὗ ίσήγαγες λαγύνας κ̅ε̅. (ἔτους) ι̅β̅
7Δομιτιανοῦ τοῦ κυρίου
8 Χοιακ λ̅.


1Iunius Musaios and the
2associate tax farmers of the harbour
3of Syene through Iunius Valens
4to Ammonios, son of Bassos, greetings. We
5have received from you the fee for wine
6of which you have imported 25 jars. Year 12
7of Domitian the lord,
8Choiak 30.
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