Ostr. Elephantine,excavation SwissInst Ω 5099   (More information about the Object)
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Modern Title list of priests on-duty
Summary List of names of priests on-duty in the temple, presumably the Chnoum temple.


1 šmw sw 1
2Pa-ḥy (sꜣ) Ḥr-m-ḥb
3 sꜣ Ḥr-
4Ḏḥwtı͗-m-ḥtp sꜣ


1[///]1st of ⸢..?..⸣
2Pais, (son) of Harmais.
3..?.., son of Har⸢..?..⸣[///].
4Thothotep, [son of ///].
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