Ostr. Elephantine, excavation DAIK 4712   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. ined. eleph. 4712
Modern Title receipt for salt tax
Summary Ta-irit(?), wife of Chestephnachtis, is confirmed by Patous, son of Horos of having paid the salt tax for the 35th regnal year in an amount of ¼ silver kite. Countersigned in Greek by Doros with amount in Greek currency. Countersigned by Petobastis, son of Esyris.


11Transcription and translation of the Demotic by Jan Moje. ı͗n Tꜣ-ı͗ry(.t)(?)2Reading Proposal Willy Clarysse tꜣ rmṯ.t
2n Ḫnsw-tꜣy=f-nḫṱ ḥḏ qd ¼ n pꜣ dnı͗.t ḥmꜣ
3n ḥsb.t 35 n-ḏr.t Pa-tꜣ.wy sꜣ Ḥr n ḥsb.t 35 ı͗bd 4 šmw sw 12

1 Transcription and translation of the Demotic by Jan Moje.
2 Reading Proposal Willy Clarysse
4διὰ Δώρου (τριώβολον).
5 sẖ Pꜣ-ḏı͗-Bꜣst.t (sꜣ) Ns-Ḥr
cc1sẖ Pꜣ-ḏı͗-Bꜣst.t sꜣ Ns-Ḥr ḥḏ qd ¼
cc2pꜣ dnı͗t. ḥmꜣ n ḥsb.t 35


1Thus has brought Ta-irit(?), the wife
2of Chestephnachtis: [_] ¼ silver kite for the salt tax
3for the 35th regnal year. Issued by Patous, son of Horos, in the 35th regnal year, 12th of Mesore.
4Through Doros: 3 obols.
5{Countersigned by Petobastis, (son) of Esyris}
cc1Countersigned by Petobastis, son of Esyris. ⅓ silver kite
cc2for the salt tax for the 35th regnal year.
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