Ostr. Elephantine, excavation DAIK O 4259   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. ined.
Modern Title receipt for yoke tax
Summary Paapis, son of ⸢..?..⸣, is confirmed by Chnoumorchois, son of ⸢///⸣, of having paid the yoke tax for the 7th regnal year in an amount of 2 kite. Greek subscription: Name of payer as Πααπε and amount in Greek currency (4 drachmas).


1ı͗n Pa-Ḥꜥpı͗ sꜣ
2ḥḏ qd 2 ⸢n ḥḏ nḥb n ḥsb.t⸣ 7
3n-ḏr.t H̱nm-ı͗. ı͗r-rḫ-s sꜣ /// ḥsb.t 7
4ı͗bd 2 šmw sw 2(?)
cc1Πααπε ⱶ δ


1Thus has brought Paapis, son of ⸢..?..⸣,
22 kite for the yoke tax for the [7th] regnal year.
3Issued by Chnoumorchois, son of ⸢///⸣. 7th regnal year,
42nd(?) of Payni.
cc1Paape: 4 drachmas.
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