Perg. Cairo EM without number, Journal d`entree no.48085   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. ASAE 23
Modern Title Ps.-Chrysostom`s Encomium on the Four Bodiless Creatures
Summary In Munier`s edition the text was not identified, tentatively "Livre d`Enoch" (Book of Enoch). Birger A. Pearson identifies it as fragments of a homily on the four living creatures of the Apoclypse of St. John (Rev 4,6-8). Another manuscript with this homily is in the Pierpont Morgan Library (M612), the present fragments correspond to paragraphs 25-27 of this M612 manuscript. In this section Christ gives a description of the four creatures in a dialogue with Thomas.


1(... up)on (the earth)
3(..) the world (...)
4the creatures. If this (wrath is kindled, they cry)
5out, saying "Holy, (Holy),
6Holy are you, O Lord Sabaoth. (You without anger, do not)
7be angry. You without sin, do not take reckoning (with the)
8sinful (children) of humanity. You without evil, (do not wish)
9evil upon the children of (humanity, for they)
10are flesh and blood. If you (pay close attention to lawlessness),
11who will be able to stand (in your)
12presence? (...)
13and (...) and (...) and (...)
14(...) every mercy ...
15(Through) their holy prayer, when the
16(creatures) entreat) the Father in this way,
17(their prayer) becomes strong (like a hard stone)
18(between) the Father and
19the (world so that their sinful stench) may not
20come up (to him). And the Father
21ceases from his wrath. (Furthermore, O my) fellow
22holy (members), behold (I say)
3(...) Saraphouel and (Michael)
4(and Gabriel) and Mary, (my mother the)
5(virgin), and Enoch the scribe, (which they)
6(make) for the world, they would (not)
7(be given) even a small piece of bread for their houses
8(and) wine, (whether) garment or anything
9(...) except they give them
10(...) and the other things lacking. For this reason
11(my Father) appointed Enoch
12the (scribe of) righteousness
13under (the creature with the) human (face...)
14For if a person sins, even to (commiting)
15fornication or (defilement or murder)
16or magical arts (or) sorcery
17(...) (when he)
18comes to the end of his life, (one of the creatures, the)
19one with the (human) face, (cries out, and) he
20exhorts Enoch the scribe of
21(righteousness) saying, "Do not be hasty in writing down
22(the sins of the children) of men, but