Ostr. Berlin P. 17855   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. ined.
Modern Title receipt for salt tax
Summary [///] is confirmed by Esphouti,(?) son of Pametis, of having paid a lost tax, presumably the salt tax, for a lost regnal year. Countersigned by Phatres, son of Hartophanchtes. Greek subscription mentioning Petepiphis.


1ı͗n NN ḥḏ qd x n ḥḏ ḥmꜣ
2n ḥsb.t x n-ḏr.t Ns-pꜣ-ḥwṱ(?) sꜣ Pa-mtr
3ḥsb.t x ı͗bd x x sw x sẖ Pꜣ-ḥtr (sꜣ) Ḥr-tꜣy=f-nḫṱ
4διὰ Πετεπίφιος


1[Ths has brought NN x kite for the salt tax]
2[for the xth regnal year.] Issued by Esphouti(?), son of Pametis.
3[xth regnal year], xth of [///]. Countersigned by Phatres, son of Hartophnachthes.
4Through Petepiphis.
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