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Modern Title Receipt for unknown tax
Summary receipt of Didymion praktor, written by Palachemis the scribe, for poll tax of year 5 of Hadrian, paid by Harpaesis alias Loxis, son of Harpaesis and the mother Tanouris


1Διδυμίων πράκτωρ διὰ Παλαχή(μιος). διέγραψε Ἁρπάησις
2Ἁρπ̣αήσεως Λοξις μ̣η̣τρὸς Τανο̣ύρεως -?-
3 -?- Καίσαρος τοῦ κυρίου -?-
4 -?- ̣̅


1Didymion, tax collector, through Palachemis. Thus has paid Harpaesis,
2alias? Loxis, son of Harpaesis and the mother Tanouris, ---
3--- Caesar the lord ---
4--- (month and day).
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