Pap. New York, Brooklyn Museum 47.218.8   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title Private letter and/or account
Summary Presumably a private letter. One fragment has a partial cartouche with nfr-kA-ra, the praenomen of Pepi II. Nb. (ORourke) These fragments have been mentioned in the scholarly literature as coming from an Old Kingdom royal funerary archive. A careful study of them suggests that such an identification is not the case. Rather, they are from letters and other documents belonging to private persons. Several letters from Wilbour may be instructive here: Tuesday Jan. 10, 1882 “I went over to Elephantine and was assailed by a crowd of women and children and soon loaded Said with inscribed potsherds…one offered to show me where they dug fragments of papyrus out of the ground; she said there been some there in a little room. I went in and in a little while she and others picked out from the rubbish some small fragments, scarce large enough to tell their language.” Fragment 1: "part of an account" (Almansa-Villatoro) Fragment 2: content unknown, due to fragmentary condition. Thursday Jan. 12, 1882 “I went over with Said to Elephantine and harvested the pint of papyrus fragments my women had picked out from the mine. We got a few more ostraca, making about one hundred twenty in all.”


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fragm. 1_1 n ḥr bw sj nht
fragm. 2_1 jr.t
fragm. 2_2 wḏꜣ j


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fragm. 2_1
fragm. 2_2 well
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