Ostr. Berlin P. 12031   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. SB VI 9545, 27
Modern Title Receipt for contribution for certificates of billeting (merismos diplon)
Summary Receipt of praktor Psanmous for the contribution for billeting of soldiers (diplon) of year 19 of Hadrian, paid by Peteesis, slave of the prophet Onnophris, in year 20 of Hadrian.


1Ψανμοῦς πράκτωρ. διέγραψεν Πετεῆσις
2δοῦλος Ὀννῶφρις 1l. Ὀννώφριος προφήτης 2l. προφήτου
3ὑπὲρ μερισμοῦ διπλῶν ιθ (ἔτους) υπαρὰς (δραχμὰς) β (διώβολον) χαλκοὺς β.
4(ἔτους) κ Ἁδριανοῦ Καίσαρος
5τοῦ κυρίου Φαῶφι ιϛ.

1 l. Ὀννώφριος
2 l. προφήτου


1Psanmous, collector. Thus has paid Peteesis,
2slave of the prophet Onnophris,
3for the contribution for the billeting of soldiers of year 19, 2 dr. 2 ob. 2 ch. brutto.
4Year 20 of Hadrian Caesar
5the lord, Phaophi 16.
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