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Modern Title Glossary (school text)
Summary glossary (school exercise) with quotations of Homer, Odyssey 11, 311 and 21, 390–391; Antimachus vi p. 250 Powell; Hipponax Fr. 49 West.


2 φανηε
3 πτερὰ ἠιωροῦντο
4 ἐνεσείατο δέ σφιν δε α
5σοῦσα· σχοινία. Ὁμήρου· κεῖτο δ' ὑπ' αἰθούσηι σοῦσον
6νεὸς ἀμφιελίσσης βύβλινον, ὧι τ' ἐπέδησε θύρας, ἐς δ' ἤλυθεν αὐτός, Ἀντιμάχου· ἐν δ' ἱστὸν θῆκεν, λαίφεσι δ
8λινέοις σοῦσα ἐτίθει παντοῖα θεά, πόδας ἠδε κάλωας,
9ἐν δ' ὑπέρας στρεπτὰς ὅπλά τε πάντα νεός. ὧρος·
10ἐνιαυτός. ἐννέωροι γὰρ τοίγε, Ἱππονάκτος· πονηρός
11οι πάντας Ἀσωποδώρου παῖδα


3... they raised (the wings?) ...
4... but he appeared (?) to them ...
5σοῦσα: ropes. In Homer 1Hom. Od. 21, 390-391: 'under the porch there was a papyrus rope
6of a curved ship, with which he tied the doors, then
7he entered'; in Antimachus2fr. vi Powell p. 250: 'she set the mast, for the flax sails
8then put all sorts of rope the goddess, sheets and reefing ropes,
9the twisted braces and all the ship's equipment'. ὧρος:
10year. 3Hom. Od. 11, 311'in fact these nine years'; in Hipponax 4fr. 49 West: 'bad
11... all the son of Asopodorus ... '

1 Hom. Od. 21, 390-391
2 fr. vi Powell p. 250
3 Hom. Od. 11, 311
4 fr. 49 West
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