Ostr. Berlin P. 3   (More information about the Object)
Publication No. O.Wilck. 291
Modern Title Receipt for trade tax (cheironaxion)
Summary Receipt of Ammonios, son of Didymos and associate supervisors of the Sacred Gate of Syene, through the assistant Marcus Annius Nemonianus the younger, for an installment of the trade tax, paid by Thinpsansnos, daughter of Petorzmethis and Thinpsansnos, for the father Petorzmethis, in year 5 of Septimius Severus and Caracalla.


1Ἀμμώνιος Διδύμου καὶ οἱ σὺν αὐτ ἐπιτηρηταὶ ἱερᾶς
2πύλης Σοήνης διʼ ἐμοῦ Μάρκου Ἀννίου Νεμωνια-
3νοῦ νεωτέρου βοηθοῦ. διέγραψεν Θινψανσνὼς Πετορζμήθιος ὑπὲρ
4τοῦ πατρὸς Πετορζμήθου μητρὸς Θινψανσνῶτος
5χειρωναξίου τοῦ δ (ἔτους) δραχμὰς ὀκτὼ ὀβολοὺς δύο
6(γίνονται) (δραχμαὶ) η (διώβολον). (ἔτους) ε Παῦνι ιθ.


1Ammonios, son of Didymos, and his associate supervisors of the Sacred
2Gate of Syene, through me, Marcus Annius Nemonia-
3nus the younger, assistant. Thus has paid Thinpsansnos, daughter of Petorzmethis, for
4the father Petorzmethis, and (daughter) of the mother Thinpsansnos,
5for trade tax of year 4 eight drachmas two obols,
6= 8 dr. 2 ob. Year 5, Payni 19.
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