Pap. Berlin P. 13585   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title letter concerning quarrels between Chnoum priests
Summary Letter of Teonurisephonychos, son of Imouthes, containing an answer on a letter received earlier. This correspondence focuses on a dispute between Chnoum priests. The sender expresses his wish for information on his opponent through the lesonis, who is presumably the addressee.


x+1 ḏd=w
x+2 ḫr ı͗r=w ḫnṱ ı͗rm=f
x+3 n wꜥ.t md(.t) bn-ı͗w Pꜣ-ḏı͗-Mḥ(y.t)
x+4 ẖn nꜣ rmṯ.w nty-ı͗w=w mḥṱ n
x+5 ḏr.t.ṱ=w n md(.t) ı͗n wn
x+6 wꜥ.t šꜥ.t ı͗w ı͗r s nꜣ wꜥb.w
x+7 ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr nꜣ wꜥb.w st ı͗r-rḫ
x+8 pꜣ nḫt.ṱ nty ḫpr bn-pw=y
x+9 rḫ ḏı͗.t ı͗w-ı͗w.w wꜥb r rsy
x+10 nꜣ wꜥb.w (n) Wsı͗r nty ı͗r wꜥb n H̱nm
x+11nty dy šn=w s (r-)dbꜣ.ṱ=f
x+12 mtr=w ı͗r=w wꜥ.t šꜥ(.t)
x+13 ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr nꜣ wꜥb.w ꜥn
x+14 my ḥn=w s ı͗.ı͗r-ḥr
x+15 pꜣ mr-šn r ḏı͗.t ı͗r=y
x+16 swn tꜣ md.t-rmṯ-nmḥ
x+17 nty-ı͗w=w r ı͗r=s n Pꜣ-ḏı͗-Mḥ(y.t) 1Den Brinker / Muhs / Vleeming, DBL (2005), 53, also concerning the abouve mentioned readings Pꜣ-ḏı͗-Tfn.t und Pꜣ-ḏı͗-tpı͗(?).
x+18 (r-)dbꜣ Pꜣ-ḏı͗-ꜣs.t pꜣy=f šr mtw=w ḏı͗.t
x+19 hb n=y Pꜣ-ḏı͗-Mḥ(y.t)n tꜣ nty-ı͗w=w (r)
x+20 ı͗r s n=f nb ı͗w=f-ḫpr ı͗w
x+21 wn md(.t) dy my ḥn=w s
x+22 r ḏı͗.t hb=w n=y n.ı͗m=s sẖ
x+23 Ḏd-I͗n-ḥr-ı͗w=f-ꜥnḫ sꜣ I͗y-m-ḥtp n
x+24 ḥsb.t 9 ı͗bd 2 šmw sw 4

1 Den Brinker / Muhs / Vleeming, DBL (2005), 53, also concerning the abouve mentioned readings Pꜣ-ḏı͗-Tfn.t und Pꜣ-ḏı͗-tpı͗(?).


x+1 They have spoken [///]
x+2 One is used to quarrel with him
x+3 concerning a matter. Petemous does not belong
x+4 to those people whose
x+5 hands (can) be taken in a matter. There is
x+6 a letter made by the wab priests of …
x+7 to the of … . One knows
x+8 the strong one, who arose(?). I could not
x+9 cause a wab priest to come to the south.
x+10 The wab priests of Osiris who are (also) priests of Chnoum
x+11 and who (live) here, inquired about him.
x+12 They agreed. They wrote a letter
x+13 to the wab priests, too.
x+14 The lesonis
x+15 may be ordered to cause me
x+16 to hear about the suspension
x+17 which is to be granted to Petemous
x+18 because of Peteesis, his son. And it should be caused, that
x+19 Petemous send to me concerning everything
x+20 which shall be done to him. If it happens
x+21 that here is something (which is desired): One may order
x+22 to cause to send to me concerning it! Written by
x+23 Teonurisephonychos, son of Imouthes, in
x+24 the 9th regnal year, 4th of Payni.