Pap. Berlin P. 23654   (More information about the Object)
Publication No.
Modern Title letter mentioning natron possibly in the context of selling or trade
Summary Fragment of a letter mentioning natron and Syrians, maybe in a context of trade or selling


x+1 sꜣ Ns-mtr
x+2 ı͗r n=k H̱nm-
x+3 tꜣ
x+4 ḥsmn
x+5 Ns-nb-ꜥnḫ
x+6 nꜣ ẖr.w
x+7 sẖ ḥsb.t 3.t


x+1 son of Espmetis, [///]
x+2 to do for you, Chnoum-[///]
x+3 the ..?.. [///]
x+4 natron [///]
x+5 Snebonychos .?. [///]
x+6 the Syrians .?. [///]
x+7 Written (in) the 3rd regnal year .?. [///]
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